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An Unexpected Independence Day July 4, 2010

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Fourth of July. A sunny hot  Sunday. I’ve watched CBS Sunday Morning, I’ve read both the Indianapolis Sunday Star and the New York Times Sunday paper. I’ve set up a new blog through WordPress. Sounds like a mundane day, but a very different one. You see, my independence day came a little early … on Friday afternoon I joined the estimated 472,000 unemployed Americans.

Part of me can’t help but think of all the things I can get done with a few days off of work WITHOUT the necessity of logging on to my former employer’s system to check emails, process tasks, and do whatever … I can paint the guest bathroom and the third bedroom. I can get my gardens back under control. I can bake. I can visit my elderly Aunt who sent me a note saying “she missed us all.” I can focus on writing the historical novel and another piece regarding my role as a caregiver to my mother …

I can do just about anything that isn’t going to pull from a precarious cash flow situation; and I need to — effective immediately — begin “expanding the pipeline” of cashflow. I’m going to do everything in my power to control my own destiny this time. That means I’m really going to try to cobble together a little client list and try to forge my own communications company. Certainly, it’s not a novel idea. It was actually my five-year plan. In five years, I theorized, my car would be paid off, I could sell my house and downsize and maybe make a little money on that transaction. My expenditures would be greatly reduced, I could make much less, and have a little more freedom with my time.

So. Now I’ve got a whole lot of freedom. Holy cow.  

I’ve decided to launch this blog as a way to document what I anticipate will be a significant evolution in my life. Let the evolving begin!


5 Responses to “An Unexpected Independence Day”

  1. K-Mac Says:

    Welcome. If we get a couple more like us, we could form a bowling team.

  2. Tara Says:

    Beatles singing … “You say you want an evolution …”
    You GO, girl!

  3. Rosalyn Demaree Says:

    I’ve found becoming unemployed is kind of like being rushed for the sorority no one wants to be affiliate with. By setting out on your own, though, it looks like you’ve grabbed your pledge paddle and are going to make being in the sorority a good thing. Good luck with Write Woman. If I can offer any advice/support, let me know.

  4. Margaret Says:

    Rock on Miss Pat! You DO control your own destiny. Everything you deserve will come to you. Welcome to our sorority … remember … we’re the “fun” ones.

  5. Susan Miller Says:

    I’m just now catching up on reading Facebook. Sorry to hear of the unexpected change in employment status, but I have faith it will turn out to be a great day when you’re looking back at it. Good luck! I know you will turn this into a positive!!

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