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Renewing the Faith July 7, 2010

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Yesterday can best be described as a bouquet of goodness, beginning with the 7:15 a.m. phone call from an old photographer friend.

“I just wanted to be the first person to welcome you to your new career,” he said. And he went on to offer a free head shot (a professional photograph) to get me started.

Similar well-wishes and offers came throughout the day, ending with my neighbor who works for the local PIP. He could “hook me up with some business cards” … and maybe some of their clients who might be in need of a little help in the communications department.

For those who are in a continual state of cynicism, I offer this thought: Maybe you need a little crisis to bring things into perspective. I’ve had my share, and each time I am touched by the cloak of love and good fortune with which I am surrounded. My faith in the human race is renewed. And I’m reminded to “pay it forward” when I get a chance.

Some might call it Karma … and, absolutely, I’m a believer. Some may call it the “Golden Rule.” Regardless, all too often people forget to give in order to receive. It’s akin to sitting with reverence in the church pew on Sunday morning, and then getting into the car and swearing at the guy who dares to pull out in front of you. You just need to “live the goodness” each day.   

While I’m inspired and touched by all of this, I know it’s going to take a sincere and heartfelt effort to “make it” as an entrepreneur. How many stories have I written detailing the intricacies of launching one’s own business and then maintaining it? It’s going to take more than faith … it’s going to take a significant plan of attack and a stellar execution of that plan. And that requires some faith in myself.

Ready to take on Wednesday? Rock on … and (to quote an old 1960s icon), “Keep the faith, baby.”


2 Responses to “Renewing the Faith”

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