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Changes in Attitudes … and a New Moniker! July 12, 2010

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With a nod to Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band, GOOD Monday morning everyone! In case you missed it, Buffett did a wonderful LIVE concert last night (free to anyone who could get there) from Gulf Shores, Alabama as a way to bolster tourism for the region. GREAT PR move for the area to see Buffett and 35,000-plus of his best friends enjoying the sand and surf, despite their latest set of travails.

Not one to bury the lead (but perhaps I just did), TWO big things happened since I last blogged.

I officially signed my first client on Friday … an emerging health care-related company with a product that is both timely and news worthy on many levels. I am thrilled to be working with them! Look for more details in the next few weeks on specifics regarding their products and an exciting smart phone enhancement.

So, having done that, I went into a bit of overdrive on setting up the business framework over the weekend. Deciding on a name for my venture, buying the domain for that name, registering with the secretary of state’s office, etc. etc.

The name became a bit of a quandary. For years, I had used “Write Woman” as my “freelance writing” business name — and it well described what I did. But having stretched out into public relations, I didn’t feel like the former name reflected my current business. 

I didn’t want to be too “kitschy” … I thought about “Authentic PR,” “SavvyPR,” and even “P’Atelier.” The latter bordered on officious, though I loved the concept. An Atelier is an artist’s studio or workroom … combining my name with the lovely French word … cute. But probably not the right approach.

Then in Friday’s meeting with my first client, great advice came from this entrepreneurial couple. The husband, being a graphic designer, said when he launched his firm, he simply used his name. “It just seemed much more powerful, authentic and something I could control.” Ah. Yes!

So, with a great deal of pride, I present to you Pickett & Associates — Strategic Public Relations. Logo, business cards, website and news release coming soon. Both of my daughters asked, “Who are the Associates?” While I quipped, “Zeke, Charlie and Vance” (my dog and two grandsons), I have plans for “the associates” to be those collaborative individuals with whom I’ve worked over the past 25 years. Watch for them to begin populating these blogs.

And so the week begins … with ACTUAL client work and continuing development of other potential clients. I’m reminded of the Little Engine that Could … “I think I can, I think I can …” Here’s to a productive week!


4 Responses to “Changes in Attitudes … and a New Moniker!”

  1. lori anderson Says:

    How exciting for you!!!!!!! You go, GIRL!!!!!

  2. Carmen Says:

    Brava, Pat! I know with your knowledge of PR and wonderful writing ability you will be a force to contend with not only in Indy but wherever else the “Little Engine” wants to go!

  3. Suzy and Griff Wilhelm Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! How PROUD we are of YOU! I have tears in my eyes as I read your wonderful and more wonderful news. Best wishes for fulfilling work that feeds your health, wealth, and happiness. Isn’t it fun to get up in the morning and satisfying to go to bed at night? Cheers!

  4. Amy Says:

    It seems like you’ve got some great momentum behind this new venture. Best of luck to Pickett & Associates!

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