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Social Media … Catch It! July 14, 2010

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As social media has spread into our daily lives (like a ray of sunshine or an oil spill, you pick your own metaphor), we are all well aware of how it impacts our lives. But how is it playing out around the world?

According to Ogilvy Public Relations and their “360 Digital Influence” team, the folks “Down Under” are leading the way. Australians spend the most time worldwide consuming social media. With almost seven hours per month spent in social media they “out-social” the US, UK and Italy. If you factor in the relative population size that puts 17 million users online (80 percent of the population with 62 percent via broadband) vs. about 230 million US users or almost 77 percent of the population). Facebook leads the way in usage, though Twitter is quickly catching up, especially in terms of mobile usage. More than half of social networkers visit Twitter via their mobile phone DAILY.

Certainly important trends for the folks at Ogilvy whose clients span the globe … but what about right here in Central Indiana?

The above statistic, 77 percent of the population of the United States are consumers of social media, is astounding. For businesses, non-profit organizations and governmental entities, it’s the green flag for “Go!” If you are not utilizing social media as part of your communications/public relations/marketing plan, you are missing an unparalleled opportunity to connect with your consumers, donors or constituents!

So, my advice on this sunny, humid Wednesday? Embrace social media as a part of your branding efforts. Traditional methods – from advertising to eBlasts to direct mail – should drive folks to your social presence. Capture their interest, start a conversation, engage them in YOU! And think MOBILE. The smart phones are getting smarter. People are utilizing their mobile phones as their main source of communicating – SMS (a.k.a. texts!) lead the way, even over emails sent OR calls placed from those phones.

How can YOUR organization integrate “mobile” into its communications strategy? Stay tuned …or shoot me an email at pat@pickettandassociates.com. It’s part of OUR strategy at Pickett & Associates!


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