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Blog-spective Thursday July 15, 2010

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It may well be akin to Nero fiddling while Rome burned, but I spent a good chunk of yesterday enjoying my two grandsons and my eldest daughter at the pool. Yes, I got up early and did my daily work, posted my blog and fulfilled some client work. And I did a little more work last evening. But yesterday was definitely a respite from my home office.

Right now, the Janet Jackson song, “Escapade” is playing on the baby monitor where the grandson is somewhere between that delightful sleep and awake state. Soon he’ll be up, and I’ll make some “special grandma breakfast” that will probably include the donut holes in my pantry. Life is good. And, if I can make this monumental shift in my employment status work financially, it will be even better. Many promising meetings are on the horizon before the month’s end as well as lots of encouragement (and amazing leads and ides) from my friends … it’s mine to lose, as the saying goes.

I leave you with some thoughts this morning on blogging. There are a number of different theories on the approach and content of blogs. Blogs will drive traffic to one’s website, and continually refresh your organic search. There are the informative blogs – like my friend Sarah at Thrifty Décor Chick (If you’re into “do it yourself,” it’s a must read!). Others are like journaling about one’s daily life – like friend Amy at The Fourth Frog. Both of these blogs have reached enormous popularity and followings … and are generating income for these two lovely ladies. I’m trying to hit a happy, interesting, readable medium with a focus on public relations and marketing … and a little personal introspection.

I recently came across some interesting observations by Lee Odden at TopRankBlog. He contends that time and resources are the most challenging parts in developing a blog and social media content strategy. His recent survey and post reports the top challenges as:

  • Knowing what to write about
  • Maintaining a consistent flow of good content
  • Setting the right tone for the company and the readers
  • Figuring out how to overcome legal and regulatory constraints
  • Being able to rely on the security of a good hosting company and tool
  • Identifying a theme to focus on, given broad offerings or a complex brand
  • Having the technical knowledge to appeal to the readers/titles the company wants to attract

Most importantly, he admonishes, have a teachable point of view in your professional area of interest; ensure your point of view is reflected in a way that clearly transmits your integrity, passion, experience, knowledge, skill, leadership potential, commitment to your profession, vision for the industry, and humility. 

All good words to move forward with … on a hot, humid Thursday in the Midwest. A good day for ice, ice baby! Blog on.


One Response to “Blog-spective Thursday”

  1. Suzy (Kunesh) Wilhelm Says:

    Hi! Your blog entry is of special interest to me because Griff just started a blog of his own about his restaurant industry experiences, and so much of what you say here is on his mind (except for the part about the donut holes 😀 ). Have I told you to check it out? http://griffintheweeds.blogspot.com for GRIFF IN THE WEEDS, a restaurant phrase I find funny and an experience he finds exhilerating! Weird…just as I typed WEEDS, the song “Tumblin’ TumbleWEEDS” comes on tv on a Hollywood Canteen movie. And now Roy Rogers is being kissed by Trigger, who only just yesterday was sold at auction (stuffed Trigger, that is!)…Roy is singing my mom’s favorite song, “Don’t Fence Me In”, and he and Trigger are dancing! Well, it’s off to bed…Griff and I stayed up all night watching movies, as unemployment has its advantages. So as you awake, I say Goodnight, and I hope your day is as wonderful as you are, which is to say you’ll be having a damn fabulous day!

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