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Entrepreneurial Inspiration July 19, 2010

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Weekends provide a time to contemplate the future and review the past. Despite busy schedules with family and friends, it seems like my brain is more free to think “outside the box” about issues involving all aspects of my life. 

I let my mind wander back to the time when I first became infatuated with entrepreneurship. And I owe it all to a gal named  Jane.

Jane Applegate. Seriously, the most all-American name ever, right?  But Jane was a syndicated columnist that we ran in the Court & Commercial Record during my tenure as managing editor about 15 years ago. I would read the columns and be inspired by their stories and fascinated by their content. I related to Jane Applegate … she had been a reporter for a long while before penning a book and beginning to form a “brand.” Her columns and books were just a part of it; she was also an inspirational speaker and was retained for numerous corporate-sponsored speaking engagements. She had the gift for putting entrepreneurship into “sound bites” that were easy to digest but thought provoking.

I was able to interview Jane for the cover story for International Business Women’s Magazine. Never heard of it? Don’t feel bad – it lasted about three issues … tanking before my story could even run. Nonetheless, it afforded me the opportunity to chat with Jane and get to know her a little more.

So, this weekend, while mulling over my upcoming week of entrepreneurial fun, I felt the need for a little of Jane’s advice … and was pleased to find her still doling it out  at The Applegate Group.  She has forged a partnership with American Express and is a regular contributor to  their “OPEN Forum on Small Business.”  It’s a site that I would suggest for anyone thinking about or who has already launched a business.

Beyond the day-to-day worries of cash flow and business development, every entrepreneur needs a bit of inspiration. For me, it’s been reading (and writing) about other entrepreneurs and the trials and tribulations of “how they made it.” I’ll be sharing some of those stories in this blog along the way, so stay tuned.

Here’s to an inspirational week for all!


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