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Social Network + Relationship = Business Success July 21, 2010

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farewell sweet chicago

Earlier this week, I had the good fortune of a former client from a former life reaching out to me for a potential project.

He had no idea where I was or what I was doing … but a quick Google search revealed my multiple social networking accounts regarding the launch of Pickett & Associates that included my contact information. He was able to reach me via email on Monday, and by last evening, he had a proposal for services in his Outlook Inbox.

We’ll see if it pans out. But the moral of the story is that getting your information into cyberspace where Google can gather it up is good for business.

A recent study by Regus found that a significant percentage of businesses have acquired new business through social networks, with smaller companies having the best success with social networking, despite the fact larger firms have significantly more to invest into their programs.  

However, I would add that many businesses are struggling because they’re missing an integral element in developing and retaining business: the relationship. Gaining new business isn’t about being No. 1 on Google search. Yes, it helps in an initial contact. But to sustain that momentum, it becomes all about creating a relationship in which a sense of mutual respect and trust develops — and THEN providing a quality product with measurable results. Without it, engagements are short and fleeting, never to be heard from again.

But with the strong groundwork of a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship, you are sure to hear from folks for years to come.

Heading back to Indy from the Windy City today … after one more stroll around Lincoln Park and perhaps a stop at Argo Tea for some iced chai. I do love it here.


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