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Facebook Wins Again July 26, 2010

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Together Again

“Pam Jones facebooked me!”

This was the message from a college friend this morning, sent to seven other ladies across the United States that, once read, it will make all of them shout with glee. Pam was the “missing friend” of our close-knit group who resided on the same dorm floor at IU in the fall of 1977. We have been trying to locate her for years — a name like Pam Jones doesn’t really lend itself to easy searching — but FINALLY we have found her. Well, actually, she found us. Which means, hopefully, she will be attending the annual reunion at IU this fall. I can’t wait to exchange Facebook messages with her to catch up with her.

I have been a Facebook user for more than two years. As I have told folks in the past, “ALL the cool grandmas are doing it.” And indeed, it has been a way to post the countless photos and videos of my two grandsons, as well as keep abreast of friends’ growing families and life status. I have made numerous “reconnections” through Facebook that have, for the most part, been pleasant and interesting.

Facebook can be a “slippery slope,” both personally and professionally. I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings and “unfriend,” so if I find someone’s constant chatter annoying, I’ll just hide them from my feeds; likewise, FYI, I am GOING to hide your Farmville, etc. posts. Sorry.

If I don’t want particular “connections” (because if they were really “friends” this wouldn’t be an issue) reading my posts, I make the appropriate security adjustments. I would suggest, especially to the myriad of folks in their 20s who post things that neither PARENTS or BOSSES need to be reading, that these settings are worth exploring. And tell your friends NOT to TAG that photo of you in your underwear with your tongue hanging out. Please.

But I digress.

Facebook pages for business (have you checked out Pickett & Associates on Facebook? Please, feel free to SHARE with your other friends!) have become a great way to build brand awareness, leverage client loyalty and increase consumer foot traffic, especially when tied to Twitter and LinkedIn. Offering “special deals” to followers, engaging customers in conversation, asking for input increases loyalty levels. Why is that important? Because the more loyal a customer is, the less likely they are to switch to a competitor if the price increases, if they move farther away, if they have one slightly disappointing experience … a loyal customer is a forgiving customer (within reason … don’t push it!). And for all these reasons, Pickett & Associates assisting a number of organizations with their social media strategy and implementation. Stay tuned!

So. It’s Monday … a great week on tap that ends with a summer visit with my aforementioned friends from college. Exciting announcements of new clients soon!


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