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Reflecting the One-Month Benchmark August 3, 2010

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One month ago I was unceremoniously relieved of the duties of my full-time job. With 56 HOURS of Paid-Time-Off as a “severance,” I was sent out the door like Cindy-Lu Who after she’d helped the Grinch shove the tree up the chimney. It’s  hard to have a positive outlook in such a situation. But it seemed like the prudent thing to do was take charge of my destiny and not dwell on the angst. In the 30 days since:

  • I decided to set out on  my own and launch a communications firm;
  • Came up with a name that was neither too cute or too boring: Pickett&Associates;
  • Determined Pickett&Associates would focus on Strategic Public Relations including social and traditional media management as well as editorial services;
  • Created this blog site as well as Facebook business page (have you “liked” Pickett&Associates yet or shared posts with YOUR friends?);
  • Dove right into social media marketing, including ramping up my presence on twitter (are you following me? Retweeted?);
  • Oversaw development of my “logo” and brand style;
  • Published more than 20 blog entries and had nearly 800 views;
  • Retained my first client;
  • Received my first check for work done;
  • Taken about 15 one-on-one meetings to discuss potential work;
  • Created and submitted five formal proposals;
  • And today, taaadaaaah! I’m pleased to unveil the Pickett&Associates logo!

On a personal note, my youngest daughter (Kat Pickett Wedmore for those who follow the local “Indy-pendent “art scene)  provided the design.

That is a whole lot going on in one month … for the FIRST month, anyway. I’m fairly pleased with my progress, though admittedly I worry about getting the cashflow to a sustainable level quickly. But I don’t have much time to worry … It seems as if there is always something looming, whether it’s promoting Pickett&Associates, writing a proposal or actually performing client work.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t have done it without the moral support, great ideas and generosity of family and friends … and those “retweets” and “likes!” To you, especially, a round of sincere thank you’s.

I am anxiously anticipating the NEXT 30 days on this Tuesday as I head into downtown Indy for a lunch with an old friend and an important introduction. In the words of Winnie the Pooh, “Have an unbothersome day.”


3 Responses to “Reflecting the One-Month Benchmark”

  1. terry Says:

    I love ya Pat…. You’re a hoot!

  2. Becky lee Says:

    Love the logo and you!

  3. Suzy Kunesh Wilhelm Says:

    I love your logo. Is your letterhead garnished with sweet pea tendrils? Great job, Pat and Kat. Congratulations on your goals obtained and your exciting list above. I am struck, too, by what you have NOT said about what you have accomplished to establish Pickett&Associates, for there are dozens of other steps you have taken to provide your future clients with the best services the Indianapolis area offers. You are one of the most talented, skilled, and delightful persons I know. Your clients are intelligent to choose you.

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