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Avoid “Charlie Brown’s Teacher” Syndrome August 10, 2010

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You remember Charlie Brown’s teacher, right? The cartoon character would sit at his desk and scrunch up his face as his teacher droned on, “Wah wah WAH wah wah …”

This appealed to adults as well as the cartoon-watching set because we could all relate … we sat in meetings, took phone calls, watched presentations and had ALL experienced the “Wah wah WAH wah wah …” So it’s no surprise that as companies enter the world of social media, some well-meaning marketing genius who was once Prince of the Power Points is blasting out countless messages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter about the value of his seamless, bullet-proof solutions from the top blahblah provider in Nowhereville. “Wah wah WAH wah wah …”

Seriously? Who gives a rat’s … tail? Please, step away from your keyboard. Your messaging tactics would be equally effective if you just took a bullhorn into the restroom. (I couldn’t find an image to illustrate this. But I looked.)

Countless organizations are growing their company’s brand and reach via social media. However, they aren’t doing it by regurgitating sales sheets and industry jargon; they are doing it by providing a forum for dialogue and interaction. You know … a CONVERSATION. Remember? I listen, I respond,  you listen, you respond, I listen, I respond …

Providing valuable content (HINT: that means not all about YOUR company and its services, but about a topic pertinent to your potential clients) and engaging your followers through discussions, questions, and sharing of ideas will make your social media efforts well worth the effort. For some specific tips on putting this into motion, check out an excellent article from The Social Media Examiner targets the “10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following.”

Braving the heat, heading downtown for a lunch meeting today with a lovely entrepreneur launching her own jewelry line … “Talk to me Harry Winston, tell me all about it. “(Can you name that song?) Later, I’m catching up with one of my favorite businesswomen over dinner who has some exciting developments on the horizon. (Note to self: Try to get to the gym in between!)


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