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Secrets of SEO Continued August 11, 2010

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It’s “Guest Blogger Wednesday” again … and back by popular demand is Margaret Osborn of WhiteHot Marketing.  As an aside, if your company has a blog, consider acquiring some guest bloggers of your own. It’s a GREAT way to increase your circle of readers and widen your sphere of influence.

Part 2 of 3

Selling on the Internet: Nine Truths of SEO

Part one of this three-part series on search engine optimization focused on how to maximize SEO when planning a new Website. Remember – it all starts with the keywords. However, if your site has been around a while, there’s no need to start over (well, maybe). The following three truths are foundational to any website. Use this information to start a conversation with the team accountable for your site if it’s not performing as well as you anticipated.


SEO Truth No. 4: Meta-Tags Matter

Hopefully you’re not asking, “What’s a meta-tag?” Meta-tags contain those vital keywords and help a searcher determine if your site is relevant to them or not – in a split second. There are two important tags that should have received some hard thought when your site was built: page title and page description. Go to your Website and read the content in the bar across the very top of your monitor. If it says “Untitled” or “Your Company Name” then it’s time to make some changes. Additionally, the page description should be a unique paragraph that summarizes each page’s unique content. Each page should inform and compel users to click through to your site.


 SEO Truth No. 5: Content is King

When people do click through to your site and the content is not relevant, you’ve lost an opportunity to gain a customer or follower. Google, the most utilized search engine tool by far, states that “creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other factors.” This is because if it’s good content, users will know and they will direct others to your site. And increasing traffic to your site potentially translates to higher search engine rankings. There’s an art to making your site easy to read and “sticky” (that is, people return or encourage others to visit) by balancing compelling information with keyword density. If you’re going to invest in improving the content on your site, leave it to a copywriting expert.

SEO Truth No. 6: Internal Anchors Lift Rankings

Anchor text is a clickable phrase (typically underlined like this) that intends to direct users to additional content elsewhere within your site. It’s good practice for your link phrase to be descriptive so users clearly understand if they want to navigate to the link. Links, if utilized often, tell Google that you provide relevant content on your site – and this can impact how the search engine ranks your site. If your site provides anchor text like “read more” or “click here” you’re missing an opportunity. Further, anchor phrases that utilize your keyword phrases drive demand for those phrases. And that’s a win-win opportunity to improve your site’s performance for those phrases that are the foundation of how you sell on the Internet.

Next time: External SEO and how to maximize public relations and social media to drive traffic to your site.

Great insight … and her post last week doubled my readership over the previous week. Meanwhile, today’s agenda includes a meeting of the local Public Relations Society of America featuring Steve Crescenzo, a well-known corporate communication expert who promises to share some “war stories” and case studies. I’ll be posting from today’s luncheon, so follow me on Facebook or Twitter to gain “real-time insight” from this industry heavyweight.


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