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Embracing Random Creative Moments August 13, 2010

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Someone once told me that he defined a “weed” as something that grew where he didn’t want it … regardless of if it was a dandelion or a daisy.

To the contrary, if I see a plant growing that I recognize as one I would normally plant but has popped up in a random place, I will usually just leave it right there. As you can see by this photo of my brick patio, I’m not just making this up. Snapdragons, salvia, lavender and black-eyed Susans raise up from between the cracks, and I sort of delight in their tenacity. Why would I pull something that’s worked so hard to grow in an unlikely place?

I know. It’s unorderly. Welcome to my wonderfully random life.

I find that my creative thought process is much like my patio – random (pretty) thoughts pop up unexpectedly … when I’m driving, in the shower, sometimes (most annoyingly to my family members, I’m sure) in the midst of a sentence about a totally unrelated topic. It’s like when I’m not demanding my brain be creative, it’s free to really think. Sure, I can sit down at the computer and come up with a well-thought out strategy and plan … but the creative nuances, the things that people tell me are “special” about my work, most often come when my mind is free to wander.

I’ve talked about this with some of my most creative friends, and they all concur; one of the most difficult things about the traditional “office” environment is trying to be creative under fluorescent lights, with cold air blowing on you from above, harnessed in your remarkably uncomfortable desk chair. Certainly this is the reason that many of the most successful creative companies and agencies in the world have a foosball table in the break room, beanbag chairs in a corner and encourage laughter and conversation.

Which, I truly believe is why Pickett&Associates has been remarkably successful after only five weeks. I am both truly happy and feel like I’m at my creative peak. I can get up from my desk and go sit on my patio to free up my brain; if I’m not “feeling it,” I go do laundry or vacuum. And the creative ideas – and clients — will come. And, I’m delighted to say, they have.

Now, just so you know I’m not a total loon, I’m not so excited about the morning glories that started in my pine trees along the back of my property that have made their way into my yard. I curse them regularly, and my lawn care providers have NOT been able to kill the invasive little suckers (okay, I edited that last word), nor are they dealing with the masses of chickweed and thistle that are quickly taking over my yard. So, if you are a lawn care company that can make a real difference, I will provide you with a month’s free services as well as paying you your fee. Just stay away from my brick patios.

Friday … an at-home work day, no meetings and dinner with the girls at Matteos in Noblesville this evening. Gnocchi or something else? … and maybe lemoncello. Who am I kidding … DEFINITELY lemoncello. Good weekend, everyone!


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