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The Sunday Social Media Experiment August 16, 2010

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While there are countless people out there who claim to be “social media expert,” the reality of it is that the medium is so new that being an “expert” is an ever-changing status.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say, “My knowledge of social media continues to evolve.” So, I tried a little experiment yesterday.

While my blog stats have been strong throughout the week, the numbers drop significantly over the weekend … mostly because I haven’t been posting over the weekend. But yesterday I decided I would make a practice of taking the prior week’s most-read blog and posting it with several of my LinkedIn groups.

Last week’s winner:  “Change Your Blog, Change Your Company Culture” in which I referenced and quoted Steve Crescenzo, a knowledgeable corporate communications guy whose message resonated with me.

As I posted to the 10 or so LinkedIn Groups, I played around with different headlines for each, ranging from fairly mundane, from “Are Your Company Communications a Big Fat Bore?” to “Would You Read Your Company Communications if You Didn’t HAVE to?” I even tried, “Are You Hell-Bent on Boring the Few Folks Who Actually Still READ Your Corporate Communications? Then please, don’t read this.”

The result? Several looks at the blog on a day when the count is usually less than five, and more importantly, comments to my LinkedIn discussion and a few more followers on Twitter and LinkedIn. Why is that important? It’s not just a popularity contest. The process of establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry ultimately attracts new business. These efforts can bolster your ranking in Google and drive traffic to your website.

Who has time to do all this, you ask? If are actively seeking new business opportunities, you can’t afford NOT to be doing this. It’s one of the things Pickett&Associates provides clients – managing their social media content to maximize their reach and potential. And, ultimately, generate bucks for the bottom line.

The week starts with the promise of cooler temperatures and lots of work. Two launches by two clients in September will make for a busy couple of weeks … but first on the agenda this week, heading down to Monument Circle this morning to help send off Mark Boyles on his 500-mile walk around the state to raise funds for the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund. You can follow his progress and contribute to the cause by visiting, http://www.thewishwalk.com/.  In case you don’t know, the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund is the only wish-granting organization in the State of Indiana that is accredited by and a member of the Association of Wish Granting Organizations. The funds they raise grant the wishes of CHILDREN IN INDIANA who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. They are not to be confused with a number of other “wish” organizations and never solicit over the phone. Since launching in 1984, they have granted more than 2,000 wishes. Stellar group.

Make it a Happy Monday!


2 Responses to “The Sunday Social Media Experiment”

  1. Tara Says:

    Great and interesting blog posting today!

  2. […] I wrap up this whirlwind week, I must say I am really loving LinkedIn. I described on Monday my “Sunday social media experiment” – and the momentum I built by sharing my most-read blog on Sunday has continued to roll […]

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