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Closet Fashionista Reveals All August 23, 2010

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Have you ever played the game where everyone in a group writes down one thing on a piece of paper that they think is unusual about them, folds it up and then those items are randomly drawn? The object of the game, of course, is to guess which “out-of-character” thing goes with the correct person.

If we were playing that game right now, I’d have to write, “I love fashion magazines.”  Now if you know me, you’d be surprised because to the contrary, 1) I don’t like to shop and 2) I don’t think I EVER pay full-price for anything, and 3) when I do shop, it’s usually at one of the discount retailers like Steinmart, TJ Maxx or Marshalls … and I will absolutely admit to Target or WalMart purchases.

But the fat, fall fashion issues, full of trends and shoes and purses (oh my!) are definitely a weakness. Dolce, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs … Dior, how I love the Dior … So, last Friday evening I purchased both Lucky (“The Magazine About Shopping and Style” that even includes stickers to mark items “YES!” and “MAYBE?”) and Vogue (a classic, always), and after a busy weekend, I allowed myself the luxury of just sitting on the couch last night devouring page after shiny page of chunky short boots and menswear flats and leggings and distressed leather bomber jackets with creamy shearling spilling over their wide, fold-back collars.

But beyond the photos, what I love most is the snappy, even punny writing that accompanies these photos. (You know, like “Bag of Tricks” about Sac a Baguette’s cool tote or the ad for Banana Republic that has a cute Jack Russell Terrier peeking out of a yummy bag with “Form strategic partnerships” in a subtle italic font.)  In reality, this is what I was really seeking. Preparing to help publicize the launch of “NeckLust” – a snarky, fun line of hand-engraved necklaces created locally – I wanted to submerge myself in the timbre of fashion writing and trends. I needed to be in the “fashion zone.” And what a lovely zone it is.

I firmly believe that diversifying one’s client base can be very beneficial, especially for a sole practitioner. While there seems to be a growing trend of “specialists,” I find that my brain works better and more creatively with a broad spectrum of topics and clients. I also believe it allows me a more “objective” view, versus becoming so immersed in an industry that I risk losing sight of the end users for whom I am creating messaging.

The fog is lifting on this Monday morning … figuratively as well as literally! Starting the week off with a pretty hefty task list for clients as well as meetings, meetings, meetings! But first, the morning mile … c’mon Zeke, let’s get this party started!


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