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Gettin’ Eggy With It August 27, 2010

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As we end this week in which I spent a couple of days contemplating crisis communication, I’ll end it with a few observations regarding the “crisis of the week.”

This morning’s Indianapolis Star has a full-page ad from America’s Egg Farmers, ensuring consumers of the “safest and highest quality eggs possible” and reminding us that the “potentially affected eggs that make  up less than 1% of all US eggs, have been removed from store shelves.”

But in my opinion, they buried the lead. In the second paragraph, “Thoroughly cooked eggs are thoroughly safe eggs, according to the Center for Disease Control and the FDA. Eggs should be cooked until the whites and yolks are firm.”

Wait. What? Firm yolks? Really? Okay, NOW we’ve got a crisis. Right here in River City. I’ve spent an inordinate number of mornings perfecting the over-easy egg sandwich. After cooking so the white is all set, I turn it over, turn the stove off, and put a slice of cheese (preferably PepperJack) right there on the egg. I prepare the awaiting 100-calorie, high-fiber round with tomatoes and avocado (or sometime just spread with some guacamole and/or pico de gallo if it’s left over) and okay, some bacon, and transfer egg and cheese over. The first bite is that delightful layer of flavors that is only enhanced by the yummy runny yoke.

And what about the Caesar Salad? The proper Caesar (according to the card from Caesar’s Bar & Grill that my mother carried in her wallet forever)  does NOT include a bottled dressing, but a delightful blend of goodness that starts with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, grated parmesan, garlic infused olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and ONE RAW EGG.

Hollandaise sauce? Anyone? Hello, that’s raw egg yolks, boiling butter and lemon juice (theoretically the butter should cook the yolks, but if they’re firm, you’ve got an issue that even Emeril can’t fix). Mayonnaise? That would be raw egg yolks and olive oil (with a little salt, pepper, garlic if you choose, and lemon juice), beaten to submission as Julia would say.

“They” say I can find out more by visiting eggsafety.org … but I’m too depressed. First steak tar-tar, now this. I was feeling pretty confident because I have been buying organic eggs from cage free, non-doped up chickens for the last several months. Lately, I’ve made a bee-line to buy fresh eggs at the farmer’s market every Saturday, and I was planning on continuing purchasing those eggs direct from the farm during the winter months. But if I’m supposed to be cooking these until the yolks are hard … I’m just going to have to rethink the whole thing.

See, I told you it was a crisis … though good job, America’s Egg Farmers, for getting the message out, I guess. Hell, I’ve been “running with scissors” all these years and didn’t even KNOW I was exhibiting risky behavior.  

So, in the “on deck circle” for next week’s crises? Well, we’ve got Johnson and Johnson recalling hip implants (which seems like kind of a big deal), and the military voicing complaints that the wind turbines springing up all over the country wreak havoc with their radar. Oh. The stock market declined again yesterday, amid a “bevy of poor indicators.” No kidding. I look out my window and see homes in foreclosure, people unemployed and kids on the Indiana Healthwise insurance program for the uninsured … I don’t really need the “indicators,” but whatever. And what about those 33 Chilean miners, trapped for at least the next four months before they climb through a 26-inch wide shaft to safety?  Finally, it’s hurricane season, and three big-assed storms are rolling across the Atlantic. Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagan and former FEMA Director Mike “You’re doin’ a helluva job, Brownie!” Brown are sitting in director’s chairs as I write, chatting with Matt Lauer on this five-year anniversary of Katrina. “We learned it’s a huge failure of government to not trust the American people with the facts.” Quote of the day from Brownie.

Five years since such a horrific turn of events that the word crisis doesn’t even apply. I may need to re-watch Treme this weekend, the HBO special that captured those months following the national catastrophe. It is a phenomenal look at this city and state, music, food, culture I truly love. I’ll be there in two weeks, immersing myself in crawfish and gumbo, and I’ll be blogging from there. Stay tuned.

Happy weekend … stay out of trouble and remember, cook your egg yolks … and use sunscreen.


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