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Are You a “Dumbass?” September 7, 2010

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At the risk of being crude, this is the question of the day that I found entirely acceptable on this “back to work” Tuesday.

Not like ‘I-locked-my-keys-in-the-car-while-it-was-running-and-the baby-is inside’ dumbass, nor the, ‘I-accidently-sent-an-email-to-a client-that-was-meant-for-a-co-worker’ variety. This particular category is the “social media dumbass” as defined by Susan Young’s “Get In Front Blogging” post this morning that takes aim the ever-growing group of folks who, frankly, just don’t get it.

She ticks off five items in her post, “Hello My Name is Dumbass” that are dead-giveaways of social media ineptitude. Which is a nice way of saying, “dumbass.”

Susan is consistently ‘spot-on’ with a brash clarity that is refreshing and insightful. Her commitment to real relationship building reflects the fundamentals of business here at Pickett&Associates.  And, I’m more than willing to say, “Yeah. What SHE said!” So, check it out … and subscribe to her blog. She covers it all.

Meanwhile, jumping back into the grind with both feet this morning with meetings that will go well into the evening … but first, yoga to get my head into the game. Good Tuesday, everyone!

 BTW, photo from GotPetsOnline.com … evidently there’s quite the market for miniature donkeys. Make up your own punchline … I’m already in hot water with the title.


3 Responses to “Are You a “Dumbass?””

  1. Love this article! I’m not, personally or professionally…but I know A LOT who are, and I would love to send this to them. Anonymously, of course! HA!

    Write on, friend!

  2. Amy Says:

    Thanks Pat for the recommendation to read this post. Always respect someone who can say “what she said!”

  3. 泳鏡 Says:

    Thanks a million for this, I appreciate the info

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