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The Challenge of “the Cobbler’s Barefoot Children” September 17, 2010

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After several years working with public relations/marketing agencies, I was certain of one thing: When I started my own firm, things would be different!

I’d commit to joining and being an active participant in a chamber of commerce. (Well I’m halfway there … I did join the Carmel (Indiana) Chamber. I’m ready and willing for committee work!)

I’d DONATE a portion of my services to non-profits. (I’ve actually helped out both the Noblesville Education Foundation as well a the Walk Out of Darkness benefiting the Association Foundation for Suicide Prevention.)

I’d promote a flexible work schedule. Well, I’ve worked twice this week until 7:30 p.m. BUT I am playing golf this afternoon and will be working from Louisiana next week.

And, I positively knew that one of the MOST important things I could do was participate heavily in social media, including blogging, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I was certain that this would quickly help establish my efforts and present a clear picture of my passions and capabilities.

So, my day starts between 5:30 and 6 a.m. with a cup of coffee and perusal of new posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s the place from which I gather my ideas and inspiration for the day. I “retweet” and comment in the appropriate forums from those folks I follow in Twitter as well as in my LinkedIn groups. And then I grab about my third cup of coffee and head into my home office.

It’s literally 7:18 a.m. as I’m writing this; I’ve got my Frosted Mini-Wheats in a bowl (dry) on one side and the glass of OJ on the other. And a dog hoping I miss my mouth. When I finish all this, I’m out the door for the mile walk , and then come back to attack client work  which takes up the bulk of the day.

However, as I gain more clients — which is happening with amazing, rewarding regularity — I am beginning to face the challenge of keeping up with my own social media/marketing efforts while managing those efforts for my clients. And thus the challenge of “the cobbler’s barefoot children.” This is only the second blog I have written this week. To compensate, I’ve learned to drive folks to the blog via my other social media outlets, so the actual visits to “Pickettwrites” haven’t dropped substantially, but I believe it’s important to provide daily, informative content to you followers. I’ve got a few “guest bloggers” lined up (which reminds me of the old days of herding writers for a magazine!) as well as some “video blogs” I’ll be posting soon re: local entrepreneurs.

This very challenge I am facing is, of course, why people retain Pickett&Associates. They have come to a point at which they have neither the time, desire or expertise to keep up with all the lines of communication and conversation that make for a successful business in 2010.

So, my solutions — maximizing other social media outlets that aren’t quite as time-consuming as an original, daily blog — and engaging “guest bloggers” are two ways to tackle this challenge. But I’d love to hear how you are and/or your organization is putting “shoes on the kids!”

For the record, it’s 7:50 a.m. I’m making good time. Need another cup of coffee (don’t judge) and get the tennies on for an early walk. Before teeing it up this afternoon, I have a prospective new client meeting, errands to bank, post office and rendezvous-ing with MY FAVORITE PHOTOG to grab a disc of beautiful product shots. Happy Friday … and don’t forget, it’s Follow Friday on Twitter … read more about it! http://www.abnormalmarketing.com/2010/09/twitter-follow-friday/


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