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Sharing a Little Pat October 21, 2010

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Sometimes I feel like Donald Sutherland in Animal House.

You know the scene:  Sutherland’s professor character is lecturing, the bell rings, and everyone just gets up and leaves.

“I’m serious … this is my JOB!” he says, trying to sum up a bit of authority.

 I felt a little like Donald Sutherland after Tuesday’s Pickettwrites post that received a wonderful response (thanks!) but had little to do with any level of expertise I have been trying to build through my blog and everything to do with a style of writing that people have come to expect. After years of penning columns that often included a glimpse into my life, these little personal accounts continue to rank high.

My challenge, I suppose, is giving you readers who are friends a little bit of “me” while giving business colleagues (to whom my posts are sent via LinkedIn groups, etc) something to talk about … which is the first goal of using social media. Provide your audience with content that starts a conversation; engage, engage, engage and create a little relationship. Your social media objectives drive how that relationship is continued, pursued and deepened.

For some great insight into what every small business should know about social media, follow the link from Debra Murphy to read her column, “5 Things You Need to Know Before Embarking in Social Media.”  

Back to my Donald Sutherland conundrum … what I don’t want to do is ignore my friends … because honestly, you have contributed to any success I’ve been able to attain with Pickett &Associates. From introductions to key decision makers to recommendations of my work, you guys have “had my back” and it’s been amazing.  So, keep reading. I promise to continue dropping in those topics you love … “life with mom,” “crazy, voracious dog,” and “lifestyles of the not so rich” – and hopefully you’ll learn a little public relations, social media and marketing strategy along the way.

Thursday … really? Not sure where the week has gone, but I know I’ve been busy! Today’s no different and includes yoga with the lovely Miss Holly, lunch with WhiteHot Marketing, a visit to Premier Advertising’s Halloween open house (ready for spooky tschotchkes?) and dinner at MudBugs Cajun Café in Carmel … for Jambalaya, alligator and watching Swamp People. Now THAT’s an eclectic day!  Stay tuned to @pickettwrites for updates!


One Response to “Sharing a Little Pat”

  1. Anne-Marie Says:

    there was no alligator the last time I was there. I’ll be jealous if you get to have some!

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