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Happy New Year! (An Update to Independence Day) January 2, 2011

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Admittedly, I just passed an audible sigh that prompted my significant other to look at the dog and say, “She just made that noise.” Fortunately, Faith Hill is singing his disgust away with her Sunday Night Football intro. (Hey, Faith, seriously, the skirt is too short.)

After taking a few days away from the “Pickett & Associates” treadmill, I spent January 2 reviewing my 2010, trying to get organized for 2011 and doing the monthly billing.

I can safely say that 2010 didn’t remotely go as I had planned, but that’s not such a bad thing. Big picture, through being downsized from a local PR firm where I wasn’t particularly happy, I was forced to quickly bring to fruition dreams that had been brewing in the back of my mind for several years. After being downsized and dismissed on July 2, by July 5 I had righted the ship and decided to launch Pickett & Associates, specializing in strategic public relations, social media management and editorial services.

So, just shy of six months later, I have been able to provide my services to some of Central Indiana’s most respected business and non-profit organizations including Meyer Najem Construction, DuoChart, Encore Sotheby’s International Realty, Aaron Ruben Nelson Mortuary and the Central Indiana Council on Aging. I’ve had a good deal of fun penning the Necklust blog (it’s my evil Chelsea-Lately-inspired twin who writes these) and helped Catholic Radio kick off its fundraising campaign. In addition to continuing these engagements, I’ll be serving as the feature editor for Patron, an online magazine connecting the people, places and programs that are enriching our communities in Central Indiana. And, as recently as last week, I obtained a Pennsylvania-based client who is an author and expert in dementia and memory loss. That was on the same day I was told that I had come in second to one of the city’s largest, most prominent communication’s firms on a “Request for Proposal” for a large chunk of business in the healthcare sector. I couldn’t be upset. Actually, I was flattered. And, to coin an old commercial, “Second always tries harder.”

This morning I made a list of potential clients “in the pipeline” as well as industries I’d like to pursue. I will continue to closely monitor industry trends, including the seemingly hour-by-hour morphing of social media, and integrate those things that make sense for my clients. In 2011, I’ll continue to leverage my strengths developed during the course of 30 years as a reporter, editor and public relations professional … and perhaps expand the strategic content provider portion of Pickett & Associates.

Most importantly, I’m just gonna’ be me. Old Miss Pat … reliable, loyal, a little edgy, sincere and true-to-her-word. And, to start out the year, let’s do the Miss Pat anthem … a favorite from Bonnie Raitt, “I Will Not Be Broken.”

Sing it, Girl. On to 2011!


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